Many times we have heard the word “Coach” or “Coaching”, but we do not know exactly what it means or what its functions and benefits are. In our case, we are more inclined to a holistic-positive-intuitive approach, combining it with Contextual Therapies. 

The goal of Coaching is to make changes in your life, to improve your well-being, work with old habits, both physically and emotionally.

Our coaching programs are holistic and differ from traditional therapy. Whereas therapy analyzes a client’s past as a tool to identify present behavior, a holistic life coach focuses on the present to create an actionable plan to unleash the resilient self-leader that you were born to be. You may not feel like it, but you are already complete, and you already have the tools you need. We just need to unleash you. We’ll do this through positive coaching that considers emotions, mindset, behavior, and spirit.


As a coach, my goal and function is to accompany you in the moment of life in which you find yourself, to observe and help you recognize your emotions, beliefs, behaviors, and become aware of them.

✓Help you locate the specific areas you want to work on, providing you with specific tools to be able to make choices more effectively and consciously and set clear goals to achieve.
✓Help you overcome the difficulties that may appear when putting into practice the guidelines established to achieve these objectives.
✓Monitor the achievements to test to what extent we are getting closer to the set objectives, through committed action and in accordance with the previously designed plan.

More Benefits

This brings you benefits if you want to approach your concerns in a holistic way, considering all the complexity and potential of your essential being.

✦More vital energy
✦More emotional and thought clarity
✦Solution for an issue that has been unresolved for years (sometimes decades)
✦Increase your ability to solve problems clearly
✦You feel more connected with your body, with your interior and with your environment
✦Focus and creativity, which increases your work and social performance
✦ Clarity on and better management of your resources (energy and materials)
✦Crystal clear clarity on what is and isn’t good for you
you find deep meaning in your experiences
✦Inner peace

✦Set goals and find concrete strategies to achieve them.
✦Motivate yourself, recover the enthusiasm for life and for the goals you want to achieve.
✦Help you make good decisions that positively influence your life.
✦Live better, design the way you want to live and improve your quality of life.
✦Grow personally, emotionally and professionally.
✦Improve relationships with your family, partner, friends and work environment.
✦Take a different perspective of life and learn to simplify and relativize.
✦Find the meaning of life, and contribute to making a better world.
✦Design and develop strategies to turn your ideas into business.
✦Collaborate in the achievement of educational goals; both yours and your children.

How we do it?

✓Conversations – learn to converse without polarizing and feel connected beyond differences. They allow you to clearly understand the dynamics of your problem. I give you perspectives before seen by you. You also become familiar with your fears, prejudices and mistaken convictions in order to reconsider them.

✓Trained intuition – which allows me to understand the root of your concern or problem and open space for your solution.

✓Various reflection, introspection, focus and concentration tools – increase your clarity and vitality.

✓Contextual Therapies
✦Therapy based on “mindfulness”
✦Attentional focus therapy
✦Therapy with a focus on activation and motivation
✦Therapy with a focus on relationships
✦Integrative approach


This depends on the needs of each one, the areas in which they want to work and the dimension of the objectives they want to achieve, as well as the pace of each person.

The normal thing is to set a program of between 3 and 6 months with weekly sessions of between 45 and 60 minutes. 

Learn about our 12 week intensive program (click here), and see changes in your life.


✤ PRESENTIAL: With weekly interviews, in our office, you can still agree on the meeting place that most favors the client, as long as it is a quiet place (the latter for an additional cost).

✤ONLINE: It works the same way as in person, but it is done through videoconference by Zoom or phone.

The Coaching we offer are:

✓Transformational and Motivational
✓Life Purpose
✓Kids & Teens

A coach is a prepared person who has tools to help you with your current goals, habits and situations. All details are discussed in the first session (you can book a date for orientation here).

We are here to help you.