Disaster Relief

At FSH, we have a commitment to the community and this includes how to help before, during and after a natural disaster. Latin America and the Caribbean is the second most natural disaster-prone region in the world. Hurricanes, storms and earthquakes are some of those disasters that directly affect this region, endangering the communities.

Among the things we do to help the community are:

✓offer talks on how to manage emotions during an event like this.

✓collect donations of personal items, food and clothing to give to affected people and communities.

What we collect, especially during hurricane season:

Nonperishable Food
Pet Food
Sleeping Bags
Emergency Kits


Liquid soap
Toilet paper
hand sanitizer
PediaSure, Ensure
Personal articles

How you can help...

Among the different ways in which they can help us, the two main ones a

✓Donate food, personal items, and clothing you can contact us at 787.404.4355 or write to us at familysecrethelpers@gmail.com to coordinate.

✓Donate money, you can do it at http://www.familysecrethelpers.com/campaigns/

Of course, we always need volunteers for larger events. For this you can be aware of our social networks or look for the volunteer form and complete it.