Hunger in the Caribe

As in many parts of the world, in the Caribbean and Latin America there is a large number of families that are affected by poverty, affecting their diet.

FSH, campaigns to combat hunger:

✓We distribute ready-made food to affected individuals/families
✓During the time of a natural disaster, we distribute food for the affected communities, including neighbor countries.
✓We identify families who are in need and give them groceries. 

We offer talks to families, communities and schools:

✓the creation of food gardens and other ways to promote sustainability
✓how can they self-employ to combat poverty
✓help raise awareness of the problem
✓take care of the environment

How you can help...

Among the different ways in which they can help us, the two main ones a

✓Donate food, you can contact us at 787.404.4355 or write to us at to coordinate.

✓Donate money, you can do it at

Of course, we always need volunteers for larger events. For this you can be aware of our social networks or look for the volunteer form and complete it.