Benefits of coaching

It’s completely normal to struggle with the uncertainty of major life decisions and changes. You may lie awake at night thinking, “If I could only know what was going to happen next, I could handle this.” Through a coaching program, you can build confidence to face the unexpected and feel happier and more at peace with your decision, whatever it may be.

During our coaching sessions, you can talk openly (and confidently) about your fears, your goals, your dreams and desires. I will not try to influence you in one direction or another. I will simply listen without judgment and give an unbiased opinion. I will never try to change you. But I will help you hold yourself accountable for reaching your goals.

A holistic coach can give him the clarity he needs. My coaching programs are holistic and differ from traditional therapy. While therapy looks at a client’s past as a tool to identify current behavior, a holistic coach focuses on the present to create a plan of action to unleash the self-reliant leader they were born to be. You may not feel like it, but you are already complete and you already have the tools you need. We just need to untie you. We will do this through positive coaching, combined with contextual therapies, that consider emotions, mindset, behavior and spirit.

I am sure that now you are wondering… What price can be put on a program like this that changes your life?


My coaching has a holistic approach that will allow you to heal that relationship with yourself and with others. One of the principal therapies that we use are Contextual Therapies, it is to predict behavior, influence it and identify the effects of certain elements on behavior in order to be more effective in treatments. 

So, do not see this as something where you will spend money, but as an investment. You are investing in yourself and being okay with yourself and your relationships. So you can go out and live the life YOU want, the life you were meant to live and define success and happiness on YOUR terms.

Regular Price $1,200 *For a limited time* Receive a 40% discount — Special price of $720

Available payment options (all require a $120 deposit, credited to cost):

✓ Full Payment of $600 (after deducting the $120 deposit)

✓Two Payments of $300 (after deducting the $120 deposit)

✓Three Payments of $200 (after deducting the $120 deposit)

✓Four Payments of $150 (after deducting the $120 deposit)

✓Payment per session $50 (after discounting the $120 deposit)

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